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I ordered an Achilles/Ankle “Inferno Wrap” and a Back/Hip “Inferno Wrap” which arrived within 48 HOURS. These wonderful products produced remarkable results from their very first application! Day One: Initial Treatment @ 9:00 AM on the Low Setting for 20 minutes Second Treatment (same day) @ 12:00 NOON for 20 minutes Third Treatment (same day) @ 3:00 PM for 20 minutes Fourth Treatment (same day) @ BEDTIME for 20 minutes “Rinse & Repeat” every day now… My range of movement and the reduction of discomfort in my Achilles Tendons improved by at least 90% IMMEDIATELY. As for my chronic lower-back trouble that is the long-term result of a “minor exercising mishap” 45 years ago, which randomly flares up on a regular basis.. I am now enjoying Instant Relief thanks to the application of my Back Inferno Wrap whenever I experience any episode of neuro-muscular discomfort !!! I’ll keep you posted as time goes by, but I wanted to say right away, “THANK YOU so much for everything”!

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms include tingling, numbness, and pain

Early detection and treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is important for success in treating this debilitating syndrome. However, some of the early symptoms are subtle and can be easily mistaken for other issues.

Most cases of CTS are unknown in origin though the condition is signalled by gradually increasing symptoms over time. A common cause is increased hand use or repetitive activity. Physiology and family history may be significant factors in a persons susceptibility to the condition.

CTS is similar to Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS), though TTS occurs in your ankle, not your wrist.

Numbness and Tingling During Sleep / Sleep Interruption

This is the most common initial symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When sleeping, you experience numbness and tingling in the hand and fingers that will cause you to wake up frequently during the night. Often, this symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is mistakenly passed off as an effect caused by sleeping on your hands in an awkward position and thereby cutting off circulation. However, routine sleep interruption from any cause could be attributed to a serious health implication and you should definitely be seeking the advice of a physician. Without treatment, mild CTS symptoms will progress to chronic sleep loss.

Carpal Tunnal Syndrome can affect your sleep.

Routine sleep interruption can have health implications and should be managed with a strong sense of urgency. For drivers and heavy equipment operators, the safety implications of routine sleep interruption and day time sleepiness requires immediate proactive therapy. Chronic sleep disorders have been linked directly to cardiopulmonary disease, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, heart arrhythmia, insulin resistance, vascular inflammation, migraines, psychological disorders, day time sleepiness, etc.

Pain/Numbness in Hand, Wrist, and Forearm

CTS pain pattern

Often compression of the median nerve can show itself as pain in the hand and wrist, loss of feeling in the fingers or thumb or as burning pain that radiates from the wrist up the center of the forearm - as far as the shoulder and neck.

The pinky finger is not affected or controlled by the median nerve nor is it generally associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Constant aching of the upper shoulder and neck is common in advanced cases as the pain follows the nerve path up to the nerve center in the brain.

Poor Circulation / Clumsiness of the Hand

These symptoms can also be indicative of pressure on the median nerve or lack of blood flow in the hand due to soft tissue swelling in the wrist. Cold hands with warm forearms is also a symptom of poor blood circulation in or near the carpal tunnel area in the wrist. This poor blood circulation is a contributing factor to chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some of these symptoms are also common from factors outside of CTS such as a broken or dislocated bone in the hand or wrist. Nearly half of CTS sufferers will have symptoms in both hands.

Low activity can lead to atrophy.

Loss of Grip Strength / Atrophy

Eventualy, atrophy (the shortening of muscles / tendons due to low activity level or lack of use) will set in on the hand. This will result in problems such as difficulty gripping the steering wheel and overall decreasing grip strength. High levels of pain prevent you from fully utilizing and exercising your hand muscles; this will result in atrophy.


Early treatment can prvent chronic CTS.

Depression is quite common among CTS sufferers, as hand dysfunction (due to CTS) can lead to lost earnings, time away from work and loss of self esteem as a contributor at work and at home. Once CTS has advanced into a chronic stage it can become nearly impossible to continue with daily activities that once seemed effortless.

If you are experiencing a combination of any of these symptoms, there is a high likelihood that you are in the early stages of Carpal Tunnel Strain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent progression into chronic CTS and reverse the symptoms of CTS.

Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be confirmed by a physician who will administer certain tests to detect impairment of the median nerve. Some of the tests are subjective - requiring feedback from the patient; others are purely scientific in nature, but more invasive and time consuming.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In order to relieve these symptoms of CTS, the goal is to stop the swelling or compression of the median nerve to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. In order to accomplish this, rest and immobilization is a must. To treat the swelling, pain, inflammation and compression quickly, you can effectively use ColdCure Technology® and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy conveniently in your own home.

Learn more about how these incredible therapies can treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrom at Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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I recently went to a Rheumatologist and was diagnosed with DeQuervains tenosynovitis. I was tested and treated with a cortizone shot, pain medication and was told to continue using the brace I bought previous to the visit. The shot may have lasted all of 4 hours. I went online to research the condition and treatment. I ordered the Wrist Inferno Wrap immediately after reading the reviews and what it could do for the pain I was experiencing. To my surprise this wrap starting working within a couple of days. I could not believe it! Although this treatment indicates it would take atleast 4 to 6 weeks, I am experiencing relief already. The nodule beneath my thumb where I was experiencing the spasms has disappeared. THIS PRODUCT really works. I am so greatful to you and endorse this product 100%. I am hoping to be completely healed with continued use soon. Thank you so much for creating a product that TRULY WORKS. I use as recommended 3 times a day including in the office. I rate this product as EXCELLENT!

Rating: Five Star Rating

Pamela Henry


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